Signs of Water Damage (Part 2)

Besides obvious situations such as bathroom floods or roof leaks, there are also water problems that are hard to spot. Hidden plumbing leaks can cause severe property damage. The only problem is that they are often found after the damage has been caused. You can avoid expensive water damage repair services by looking for these signs.

Strange Odors
Hidden leaks and high humidity often cause mold growth. Mold produces a specific smell that is very hard to miss. If you’re using air fresheners in your home, stop them for a day or two in order to be able to identify any musty smells.

Strange Noise
Most hidden leaks are imperceptible; however, it doesn’t hurt to listen for the sound your plumbing systems is making. Turn off all faucets in your home and listen for any rushing, scratching or dripping sound. You may be able to detect a hidden leak behind your walls. Fixing the leak as well as the damage it caused may require professional assistance.

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