Signs of Water Damage (Part 1)

There are two types of water damage situations: visible and hidden. It’s pretty obvious that you’ll need water damage repair when your bathroom floods, roof leaks, or water gets into your home and damages carpets, floors, and walls. However, there are cases when water damage is not so obvious. For instance, hidden plumbing leaks are very hard to spot, but this doesn’t mean they can’t cause serious problems. Here are a few signs that you may need professional help.

Humidity Dampness
A damp wall, soaked carpet, or wet countertop may indicate a humidity problem. You may also notice that you have a hard time keeping things dry in your home. Even getting dry when you step out of the shower may be an issue. All this indicates that somewhere in your home you may have a hidden lead that causes high humidity levels. Detecting the leak and fixing the problem may require professional assistance.

Water leaks often cause dark spots on walls, carpeting, furniture, etc. Look for discolored furniture, changes in the color of your carpeting, and stains in cracks or inside corners. If you see any, then hire a water damage repair specialist to fix the problem for you.

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