How a Carpet Cleaning Service Provider Can Help You Extend the Life of Your Carpets

Every new carpet these days comes with a Teflon (or other material) protective layer. This layer is built into the fibers and requires a lot of resources to get it to stick properly. Due to the complexity of this process, Teflon coating can be done only during the manufacturing stage. However, this coating will not last forever. Although it does make the wearing process a lot slower, the Teflon coating will eventually wear off too if you don’t protect it. The best way to do that is to use a professional carpet cleaning service.

There are several aspects of Teflon coating that are not mentioned in any carpet-care handbook . The most important aspect is that once the Teflon coating starts to wear off, there is no way to reverse the process. The coating will continue to wear down and the carpet will continue to deteriorate. The only way to prevent this is to stop the deterioration process from the start. In order to understand how to do that, you first need to get an idea of what causes the coating to wear down in the first place.

A carpet protective coating is a special solution that is sprayed over carpet fibers in some special conditions regarding temperature and humidity. If the process is successful, the coating adheres to the fibers in way that it becomes almost one with the surface. This protective coating makes each individual fiber stick-free. In other words, nothing will stick to them. This means that it is extremely easy to clean a carpet that has been coated. Unfortunately, not any type of cleaning will do. Since debris can’t stick to the fibers, they usually fall down into the thread of the carpet. Normal aspirators don’t have enough power to remove debris that are fallen deep into the carpet’s fibers. As a result, debris start to accumulate. When they reach a certain level, they become abrasive, acting like sandpaper on a glass. The Teflon coating will then suffer irreparable damage. Once the process begins, there is no way to stop it.

A professional carpet cleaning service provider uses special tools and equipment that are designed specifically for cleaning coated carpets. Not only will you get a cleaner carpet but also a long-lasting one. For more information about carpet cleaning services, contact A1 Red Carpet. We are located in Castle Rock, CO and you can find us at (303) 214-6384.